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About Us

First by having the best products will give our customers the best tasting sandwich in the Lehigh Valley.  With that said we only use the finest in meats which we carry all Boar's Head products.  Boars Head has earned the reputation to be the best quality meat products in the USA.

Secondly, we also receive our Bread's Fresh daily from New York City.  If you have not heard, New York City is known to have the best breads as well in the USA. Since New York City is known to have the best Water Purification system in the USA, this equates to a much fresher and fluffier bread product. 

FInally, We take great pride in our Customer Service.  We care about our customers and want them to have an enjoyable experience and see them keep coming back.   We are here to stay and can only do that by having the community behind us and we will stand behind our commitment of excellence in return to you.